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Terms of Service

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General commercial terms and conditions  Adventure-Park – Manavgat

1) Confirmation of acceptance of our general commercial terms and conditions

With the purchase of this ticket the participant confirms that he/she has read the general commercial terms and conditions and that he/she accepts them without restrictions. In case of underage participants (minors) the person having the care and custody of the child has to read the general commercial terms and conditions and discuss it with the under age participant. The full age person having the care and custody takes full responsibility for the abidance of the general commercial terms and conditions by the underage participant.

2) Physical conditions, minimum of age, minimum of height

The use of the climbing park is permitted for all visitors with a minimum height of 1,20 m and a minimum age of 7 years.

Exclusion criteria for the use of the climbing park:

-          Persons with a body weight of 130 kg and more or persons with a waist / hip size that doesn`t allow a safe fit of the climbing equipment.

-          Persons with physical or mental impairments that might cause danger to themselves or any other persons while visiting the climbing park

-          Persons under influence of alcohol, drugs, medicine or any other substances that influence their attention or reaction abilities.

-          Pregnant women, persons that have received surgery recently, heart cases epileptics, etc.

3) Use of  the climbing park by minors 

Children and adolescents under 18 years:

-          Children between 7-12 years of age have to be accompanied by an adult having the care and custody of the child, who takes full responsibility for the correct handling of the safety equipment. The adult has to climb with the child and to pay for his climbing-tour. The adult person has the care and custody of the child, he has to take part in the theoretical instruction in order to be enabled to be in charge of the correct use of equipment and sections of the climbing park, the abidance of the safety regulations, the possibility of assistance at any time.

-          Children between 13 – 17 years are allowed to climb alone, but a full age attended having the care and custody of the child has to be present, respectively be in a proximate distance to guarantee the supervisory duties.

4) Safety instructions:

- Before climbing every visitor receives a theoretical and practical instruction by our staff. Participating in this instruction is obligatory. If a visitor doesn`t feel confident to their ability, he/she has to quit from climbing.

- Every visitor gets supplied and fitted the equipment before using the climbing park. This is exclusively to be done by our staff. Opening, removing or changing the equipment on one`s own authority is strictly forbidden!!!

- It is not allowed to leave the climbing park with the loaned climbing-equipment or to pass it on to any other person.

- The participant must not be unsecured at any time. One security carabiner-clip has to be fixes at all times. Both carabiner-clips must not be unlocked at the same time. This is strictly forbidden. If the visitors doesn`t follow these safety-rules he/she may be expelled from the course. In this case admission fees cannot be refunded.

-  Each section between the platforms is only to be used by one person. A maximum of 3 people are permitted to stay on one platform at the same time.

- The cableways are permitted to be used only if there is no visible, no danger (i.e. no people are standing in the arrival area). Furthermore, in case of high speed, the cableway has to be speed down carefully by hand in order to control the speed.

- In the whole climbing area the principle of “Everybody is taking care of everybody” is to be resumed. This means that all participants have to act attentively and considerately towards other participants and assist others (for example children) if necessary.

5) Payment  practice: 

The use of climbing equipment is only permitted during official opening hours. The participants have possess a valid admission ticked and to be instructed by the stuff of the climbing park. Validated ticks cannot be taken back. If just some parts of the Park will be done, admission fees cannot be refunded.

Admission fees have to be paid to the staff before using the climbing park. Furthermore it is possible to buy vouchers via our homepage (plus mailing expenses) against preliminary bank transfer. After 3 hours the supplied security equipment has to be given back completely.

In case of inappropriate use of the supplied equipment (e.g. damage or contamination caused by inattentiveness or wilfulness) the operating company reserves the right to bill the accountable participant or the person having the care and custody for the costs of cleaning or repair. Furthermore the operating company reserves the right to issue the equipment against deposited items (id-card etc.)

6) Individual responsibility 

The climbing park is maintained continuously. Nevertheless the use of all climbing facilities is adherent with risks and takes place at one`s own risk, irrespective of the operating company`s duty to keep the facility in a save condition.

All instructions of the staff have to be obeyed strictly. In case of violation against these instructions the visitor may be expelled from the climbing park. In this case admission fees cannot be refunded.

7) Limitation of liability: 

The operation company is liable or injury to persons within the statutory framework. The operation company is not liable for damages caused by force majored / acts of God, which cannot be recognized inspite of the common accuracy. The operating company takes no responsibility for damage, demolition or loss of any item that is being brought into the climbing area and also not for originated damage of property of financial damage.

If the visitor hurts himself the company is also not liable.

8) Miscellaneous: 

- To avoid accidents participants must tie or gather up long hair. Piercing or other jewellery that might cause accidents due the appraisal of the staff, have to be covered or removed.

- Mobil phones, cameras, keys, moneybags etc. have to be kept in such a manner that ensures that they cannot fall down.

- Smoking is strictly prohibited in the climbing area!!!!!!!!!!!

- The operating company reserves the right to take pictures, videos or webcam films in the whole climbing area for the purpose of information, advertisement or training. Should any participant nor agree with that, he has to declare this so to the operating company before commencing climbing.

- Production of photos, films or webcam movies for commercial purpose without written agreement by the operating company is forbidden in the whole climbing area. In the event of violation the operating company reserves the right for indemnity claim.

9) Exclusion of participants, closing of the climbing park: 

The operating company reserves the right to close the climbing area for safety reasons (e.g. storm, thunder storm, fire, rainfall…).

Guests that disregard these general commercial terms and conditions may be excluded from visiting the climbing park. In this case admission fee is not refunded.

10) Severability clause: 

If any provision or provisions of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid, illegal unenforceable or in conflict with the law of any jurisdiction, the validity, legality and enforceability or the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.