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Opening Hours


The Adventure-Park park is opened the whole year through. Daily between 9 – 19 o'clock (the last admittance 18 o'clock during the summer months + 16.30 o'clock during the winter months from October).

With rain, hail, thunderstorm and strong wind and storm the park is closed


The Adventure-Park has been established in in the area Manavgat directly in the Oymapinar – reservoir - you find pointing out signs to the park, and in the fork the big park sign in the high street.

Thus you find us:

By the car

In Manavgat you leave the high street in the direction of "Selale" (big waterfall) and drive approx. 7 kilometres straight ahead in the direction of traffic jam wall. On the right side our Adventure park lies, immediately behind Igrislar. With the big sign turn and after 400 metres you see the unique view and our sea restaurant with parking bay.

With the Dolmus

They quite simply reach us also with the Dolmus. From Manavgat, from the artificial waterfall, every hour (around Half) a Dolmus direction Oymapinar goes in each case once. You get into him and drive directly up to the fork Adventure park (in Turkish: macera parki) - you should not take the Dolmus to "Selale"! Though he more often goes, then, however, you must change with the "Selale" and pay again.


The prices lie between 13 to 15 Euros (children / adults) - without transfer

 - if requested a favorable transfer can be also agreed by us you call (10€ per person there and back in the area Kizilot to Gündogdu from 2 people) - to us or you contact us by mail!!! 

We also provide scooter or z for you. You contact B.Jeeps, so that you can develop yourselves a nice day and are self-sufficient - to us!!!map



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Leistungen Adventure-Park

The guest receives in the Adventure park climbing wood an unusual leisure experience on which he himself can have an influence. In 3 Parcouren our Adventure park offers climbing wood, during the approx. 1.5-2-hour climbing time – a wide spectrum of different degrees of difficulty in. No matter whether you come alone or as a big group - with us you are always pretty welcome, and are accompanied during the whole tour by one of our guides professionally! (we speak perfectly in German - in English and of course in Turkish)

Our guests get the necessary security equipment for the time of the use put. She exists from: Security climbing belt, to 2 carbines, rope role for cable railway and a few working gloves.The guest of course first with the protection draught is made by our certified employees close. The knowledge acquired on this occasion is checked in the installation course. Any time the visitor receives required and desired support and assistance with the celebration of the single courses by our employees.


Children's playground

For our small guests we have built a children's playground with sandpit, swings, seesaw and a climbing net.

Bath place

Exclusively for our guests we have furnished a bath bay in the reservoir - swimming things do not forget!!!Cardak


For the relaxation they can withdraw into our comfortable Cardak no matter whether in twos just chillen or as a family or group of plays play. Here is always provided for a special holiday feeling.


or if they take in one of our comfortable hammocks a seat..... other offers of the Adventure park team

several offers of the Adventure-Park-Teams

- Child birthday parties in the climbing wood -

Moreover, we offer you special offers for her child birthday party - simply ask, we make an offer especially conceived for your needs to you!

- Trekking tours and wanderings

Various wanderings and trekking tours in the meantime - also in different forums - as confidential tours are traded - for individual lists thought - because at most with 4 people becomes gone.

e.g., wanderings to the "forgotten town", cave tours, Almauf-and Abtriebwanderungen with the nomad's families and so on...,

You take description to the single tours please from our side

- and anew: Excavator driving in the gravel pit

Prices and times etc. on inquiry.

(The climbing wood is escorted responsibly for head by the enterprise of Adventure park.)