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The Construction of the Climbing Park

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After granting of all necessary approvals and preliminary works the paths were put on, and the elements were established. The arrangement was built to German Institute for Standardization EN 15567 and is pursued accordingly. The decrease of the park by the German safety standards TÜV authority has occurred of course. The arrangement is defeated by an everyday view check as well as a three-month-long surgical check by trained staff.



For the park a liability insurance of the Koc passes alliance assurance.


3 different courses with a total of 42 elements of different difficulty steps were built.

Are planned for the following season `see an increase of 70 – to 80 elements is in different difficulty steps.

Nature and environment

The arrangement was established in cooperation with the state forest.

The whole construction method is in such a way which no damages originate for the wood and the region.

To us as an operator it is important to guarantee cleanness and environment protection.

In the park itself rules of course stricktes prohibition of smoking! - Of course you can smoke - before and after her tour - in the sea restaurant then with relish again!


Once a year before the beginning of the season the climbing park is taken from an independent test institute (German safety standards authority TÜV).

Daily before the beginning of the opening the park is taken by certified employees in inspection and is checked on his security.