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Climbing park: Fun - tension - magnificent natural landscapes

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Ours of THE GERMAN safety standards authority CHECKED TÜV climbing park offers you the possibility her environment and to consider itself sometimes from another point of view. Fancy, you climb over a climbing net and a free-floating suspension bridge, and the whole by a height between 1.5 and 25 metres. Moreover, there is since short as the last highlight 140 and a 90-metre-long cable railway over the lake - only fly is nicer!

Equipped with professional, from the German TÜV safety-tested  climbing belt, climbing ropes, carbines and rope roles we guarantee for our guests always absolute security! Our Adventure park climbing wood is a climbing park, primarily, as a holiday attraction was intended whose fun factor was recognised, however, meanwhile also by the local audience. The Adventure park climbing wood offers to the visitor different attractions as a holiday highlight, fun, tension, linked with small and big challenges which allow to experience unusual body experiences by her height and her demands for the balance sense. With it linkedly of course nervous tickle, fitness training, pleasure and adrenalin purely. If they holiday the nervous tickle by heights from up to 25 m! If they take off and they certainly fly over the lake on a 140-m-long cable railway with up to approx. 50 km/h!

Under the aspect our climbing wood   is also used by many sportsmen (also professionals as for example Thai box champion Kenan Tosun or the known bodyguard Michael Kurz and his son Benjamin to the 3rd Berlin all fight master) as a training possibility, because our marvellous plateau in the lake is suited very well also for all outside sports. (Run, riding a bike, swimming, walking and fitness training in general).  If they test themselves and they finish our Climbingparcour - they dare!

 Are they strong enough? We are glad about you!