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Sections of the Climbing Park

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To be able to pursue the climbing park, a surface of approx. 55,000 m ² was leased constantly is further developed - with us there is no shutdown.

 (Here they see the sun-protected place in him the belts being put in.) Otherwise lies the whole park in the shade, and there goes even in the midsummer always a chill and pleasant wind 

Park Areas


On the area enough parking bays exist for passenger car `see and coaches - moreover, we have furnished a parking lot for Caravans and campers - you see the description of the place as well as the parking lot costs please under



Sea restaurant

10 big tables as well as the Cardak and small comfortable seat small houses for at least 130 people also offer to big groups enough place for e.g. her office outing, the family celebration or the youth groups or class excursion.


Your child has birthday and the flat is too small Foot in mouth- we have the ultimative solution for youCool:

Child birthday partin the Adventure-Park

simply ask, we make an offer especially conceived for your needs to you!

Catering trade

Culinary little things spoil them at the end of your adventure

The kitchen of the sea restaurant has set up in the meantime to the "pancake house". Thus they  can eat with us, e.g., big, good German pancakes - like a german mother serves it - by wish sweetly or spicy, as an apple or bananas pancake, with sugar + cinnamon, Schocko-or various other sauces, in addition refine German filter coffee or an Effes beer, and everything with marvellous look at the reservoir experience and enjoy, so that you recover!

Of course there are also other meals as for example menus with Köfte (Turkish mince small balls), fish or chicken - in each case with rice, salad + bread (7.50€) as well as div. Burger (3.50€) and Gözleme (Turkish round flat dough-cake breads) (1€) as well as daily varying specialities.

The restaurant with his unique view becomes booked also with pleasure for events - like company celebrations, weddings and other family celebrations.

Moreover, every Sunday a brunch takes place with open refreshment bar from village products (5€), with all what the heart popularly.