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Concept and Target Group

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If you swing yourselves in several metres of height of Stamm to Stamm, over nets run or along cable railway about the green water of our lake glide, you have to fly the impression; or    can dance to themselves if them about the wire ropes as an artiste feel.

The different obstacles as for example cable railway, Wackingbridges, climbing nets are lined up in natural surroundings which enable to the visitor to find out personal borders anew and to collect experiences only or with other. A visit with us in the Adventure park climbing wood promotes the team competence and strengthens the self-confidence. Moreover, we could already help many guests to overcome her fear of heights, the therapeutic use is indisputable - not only for children and youngsters!

Otherwise it is just a BIG JOKE - a challenge after the next ones and ARENALIN PURELY in the Adventure-PARK !.